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Our Mission Statement

IYC is a Not For Profit foundation developed to provide transplant patients and their caregivers specialized accomodations, utilizing the curative benefits of color and artwork.

Founder’s┬áHistory – Robert Schmidt, MD

As founder of IYC, I have the unique perspective of being a physician as well as a lung transplant recipient. My post operative course was stormy, leaving me frail enough to abandon my home and relocate to a first floor condominium. Although adequate for basic needs, the rental unit was dim, lifeless, and threadbare. Rehabilitation was physically and emotionally draining; the environment was less than inspirational. A literature search revealed the therapeutic benefits of artwork and the healing power of color. By extension, I believe a curative environment should integrate a bright space with healing colors and artwork. My transplant brothers and sisters deserve this. This is the driving force behind IYC.


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